U.S. Navy Veteran Kenneth Collier smiling.

                  Military Engagement

                  Comcast's Military Commitment

                  Our tradition of hiring and supporting the military community began with our founder, World War II U.S. Navy veteran Ralph Roberts, and has continued to today. Whether you’re a member of the military community beginning your civilian career, a veteran entrepreneur accelerating your business, a military spouse, or an organization working on behalf of local military initiatives, we hope you’ll join us in supporting those who have dedicated their lives to service.

                  Our Values

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                  Our Values in Action: 2019 Report

                  Read our 2019 Report, which highlights some of the key priorities that reflect our company’s values, as well as the stories that help bring those values to life each and every day.

                  Committed to employing over 21k members of military community by 2021, we've supported 265+ veterans organizations with over $95m in support, and partner in the Hiring 100k Military Spouses campaign.

                  On the front line of service

                  • On The Front Line of Service

                    Comcast's members of the military community - on a mission to deliver great customer experiences.

                  • Ernest Easter, Army National Guard

                  • Janet Mays, Army Reserve

                  • Sam Waltzer, Army National Guard

                  • Josh Delano, U.S. Navy and Internet Essentials Customer

                  Low cost internet for Veterans

                  David L. Cohen and Former Senator Elizabeth Dole pose in front of an Internet Essentials backdrop.

                  Partnering with the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to Close the Digital Divide

                  A commitment to veterans and the military community is one of our core values, which is why we are expanding eligibility to 1 million low-income veterans.

                  An Internet connection can be a transformative tool for low-income veterans and their caregivers. The greater access to benefits, resources and to each other can truly make a difference in their quality of life.
                  Senator Elizabeth Dole
                  President of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation

                  Explore Openings

                  Comcast employee and veteran Ernest Easter smiles as he wears a headset.

                  Hiring Our Military

                  Members of the military community have a core skillset that make our teams stronger. We’re committed to hiring those who are serving or have served our great nation, including military families.

                  Press Materials

                  Download resources for Military Engagement.
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